The York School

York School - 1947 to 1955

Teachers: 1947 to 1951 Velma Martin - primary grades E. Laverne Martin - principal (They were both killed in a car/train accident after leaving York.)

1951 to 1952 Mrs. Glenda Hill - primary grades William Moss - principal

1952 to 1953 Mrs. Grace Ritchie - primary grades William Moss - principal

1953 to 1955 Mrs. Marie Robinette - primary grades William Moss - principal

Consolidation of Bonneville County Schools took place about 1949, and all the rural schools became part of School District 91. Most of the children now rode buses, although many had to walk part way to catch the bus. One student remembers in the very hard winter of 1949 being let out by the bus driver to finish walking home in -30 degree weather.

The school district would send special instructors for music and physical education. Many students remember Mr. A. L. Gifford coming to York, and how much fun it was.

Field trips were taken to the Post Register, Challenge Creamery, and in 1955, they took a ride on a train to Victor, Idaho.

The school picnics at the end of the school year were a special memory for most students. The parents and families always came, and tables were laden with food. There were scavenger hunts, peanut hunts, baseball games (sometimes against their dads), relay races, and sack races. Everyone went home totally exhausted.

The teachers made the students take care of their equipment. One student remembers getting caught carving on her desk, so Mr. Moss had everyone in the room refinish and revarnish the desks.

One girl remembers when she was in the 2nd or 3rd grade surprising the teachers with a surprise farewell party for one boy. She called all of the kids in both rooms, planned for refreshments and did not tell Mr. and Mrs. Martin about it. The Martins were obliged to release classes for the party.

In later years the Teacherage was not used as much. However, Mrs. Robinette stayed there during the week. One winter when everyone was snowed in, she and her daughter nearly ran out of food. Fortunately, one of the school board members checked on her and helped her get some groceries.


The York School

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