The York School

York School - 1923 to 1931


1923 to 1924 Winnie L. Etchison - primary grades Coila E. Etchison - principal

1924 to 1925 Helen Steffens - primary grades Virgie Mulliner - principal

1925 to 1926 Helen Steffens - primary grades Ida D. Hughes - principal

1926 to 1927 Irene B. Polson - primary grades Ida D. Hughes - principal

1927 to 1928 Irene B. Polson - primary grades Ella Foley - principal

1928 to 1929 Gladys Hungerford - primary grades Edna Hurst - principal

1929 to 1930 Margaret Fowler - primary grades Lola B. Blackburn - principal

1930 to 1931 Margaret Fowler - primary grades Lola B. Blackburn - principal

The subjects taught now were:
First Grade - reading, writing, word drill, phonics
Second and Third - reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic, English, geography
Fourth - same as second and third plus U.S. history
Fifth through Eighth - reading, spelling, arithmetic, English, U.S. and Idaho history civics and geography, depending on the grade.

The teachers commented on the students' abilities, personalities, and how to encourage them. They seemed to really care about the children. One teacher even graded the attitude of the parents.

Starting in 1925, school was let out for the Blackfoot Fair the second and third week of September, but school was held on Labor Day. They also started letting school out for spud _ harvest.

Mrs. Hughes notes that during March, 1926, she had 100% attendance.

Another sad event was noted by Gladys Hungerford. Lila Knudsen, age 5, daughter of Ernest K. Knudsen, was killed January 5, 1929 in a railway accident on her way home from school - - "a darling child".

John Seyfert was instrumental in getting electricity to the York area in 1926. York was one of the first in Bonneville County to get it.

The York Grange was organized in 1928 and met in the school for a couple of years before the Creamery was built. They had stock in the Creamery so they met there until the grange hall was built next to the school.

One student remembers being the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Christmas play of 1925, playing baseball and sleigh riding.


The York School

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