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Bonneville County      

Here are some documents of interest:
Idaho falls - City of Destiny
VIDEO: Downtown Memories of Idaho Falls
VIDEO: History of Transportation in Idaho
VIDEO: Water to Dry Ground presentation
about our canal system

Centennial Celebration Program [PDF]
The City Canal
The York School
County Census info: 1870-2006
Useful Resource Books
Read about the town of Eagle Rock, Tautphaus Park, and Charles Tautphaus - by E. P. Henry
A History of Tautphaus Park, the Tautphaus Family and those that followed - by Jim Bennett
Historic Bonneville Hotel - by Jim Bennett
Early Eagle Rock and Idaho Falls Maps
A History of Sportsman Park by Jim Bennett
Rose Hill Cemetery items of interest
On the City Lifestyle, Kuna Website: Lost Elegance

Heritage Achievement Awards:

Idaho Day Heritage Hero Awards:

Bonneville County Treasures List:
Top Ten
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