The Idaho Falls City Canal

Materials and Handouts from our Rose Hill Treasure Tour

Held at Rose Hill Cemetery on Saturday, October 7, 2017, our first showing drew about 100 attendees. It began at the flag pole near the bridge crossing the canal on the southeast side, and included activities across the oldest section of the cemetery. Speakers presented a history of the cemetery and biographical information about nine of the prominent citizens buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery. Information was also available on over 20 other graves of historical interest.

Handouts are available here as PDFs:

Items from the Speakers (some still being prepared for the Web)

Bronson Marshall Rogers [PDF]
Charles C. Tautphaus [PDF]
Developing a Developer, D. V. Groberg [PDF]
Heber C. Austin and the Lincoln Sugar Plant [PDF]

Items from the Map Tour

Alma Marker [PDF]
Clency St. Clair [PDF]
G. G. Wright [PDF]
George and Anna Marker Heath [PDF]
George and Clara Raiscot Brunt [PDF]
George and Elizabeth Susan Burnett Brunt [PDF]
George Edgington [PDF]
Green Flake [PDF]
Henrietta Mason [PDF]
Henry Samuel Schaumleffel [PDF]
Joe Marker [PDF]
John Albert Wood [PDF]
Joseph G. Andrew family [PDF]
Joseph Higham [PDF]
Louis Elg [PDF]
Mary Alice Bybee Boomer [PDF]
Mayor Bowen Curley [PDF]
Orville and Helen Buck [PDF]
Robert Lee Bybee [PDF]
Sgt. Richard DeForest (Captain Dick) Chamberlain [PDF]
Kate Curley - Village Improvement Society [PDF]


Here are some documents of interest:
Idaho falls - City of Destiny
VIDEO: Downtown Memories of Idaho Falls
VIDEO: History of Transportation in Idaho
VIDEO: Water to Dry Ground presentation
about our canal system

Centennial Celebration Program [PDF]
The City Canal
The York School
County Census info: 1870-2006
Useful Resource Books
Read about the town of Eagle Rock, Tautphaus Park, and Charles Tautphaus - by E. P. Henry
A History of Tautphaus Park, the Tautphaus Family and those that followed - by Jim Bennett
Historic Bonneville Hotel - by Jim Bennett
Early Eagle Rock and Idaho Falls Maps
A History of Sportsman Park by Jim Bennett
Rose Hill Cemetery items of interest
On the City Lifestyle, Kuna Website: Lost Elegance

Heritage Achievement Awards:

Idaho Day Heritage Hero Awards:

Bonneville County Treasures List:
Top Ten
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