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Useful resource books for Bonneville County history.
George Brunt: Young Pioneer of Eagle Rock
by award winning local author Connie Otteson, was sponsored by the Bonneville County Heritage Association* and is now part of the fourth grade Idaho history course in the county.
Available at Amazon.com
Available at otto-soft.com

Beautiful Bonneville
Editors and Writers: Alice Horton, Afton Bitton, Patti Sherlock
Art Editor: Kay Ingram
Photography Editor: Quincy M. Jensen
Published by Herff Jones, Logan, Utah, 1989.
Index of Beautiful Bonneville
To see/buy the book go to the Idaho Falls Public Library or to the Museum of Idaho
To read on line go to archive.org

Unsung Heroes and Settlers of Bonneville County, Idaho
A collection of 21 stories of the lives of the pioneers who settled Bonneville County.
Author: Connie Otteson
Available at otto-soft.com
This book is also available at the Museum of Idaho and Hastings

Taylor's Bridge and the Founders of Eagle Rock
Author: Mary Jane Fritzen
This book can be purchased at the Museum of Idaho for $10.00

Bonneville County in the Making
Author: Barzilla Clark 1941
Available in libraries (out of print)

Captain Bonneville's County
Author: Edith Lovell, 1963
Available at libraries (out of print)

Education in the Upper Snake River Valley (1880-1950), The Public Schools
Author: Harold S. Forbush 1992
Available at Museum of Idaho.

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