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Our March 4th Idaho Day for 2022 is not being scheduled due to the continuing risk of Covid-19
On a better note
, our Student Contests are proceeding!
Teachers, students, and parents can download them (a Zip file with 23 Word documents) here.

Our March 4th Idaho Day for 2021 has been Cancelled due to the continuing risk of Covid-19
The theme was "A Tribute to the 75th Anniversary of World War II"

On a better note
, our Student Contests have proceeded!
Eight schools participated, and 138 entries were received and scored.
At least one person from each school won one of the 14 First Place awards of $100.
Schools participating were: Alturas Academy, American Heritage Charter School,
Fox Hollow, Iona, Longfellow, Taylorview Middle School, Sunnyside, and Westside.
We congratulate the First Place winners and all the participants for honoring Idaho Day
by their efforts in learning, capturing, and presenting knowledge of our great State.

Idaho Day 2020 is come and gone -

On March 4th, 2020, we celebrated Idaho Day. Our youth were invited to join in the study of our history and heritage by participating in our student contests. Winners were announced and prizes awarded at the event. This year again, top winners received cash prizes.
Remember, Idaho Day is celebrated each year on the 4th of March.

Our Fall Presentation was a big hit!

At the Museum of Idaho on Monday, October 9th we had a fascinating presentation by David Leroy.

In period dress and in first person, he spoke as William Wallace, the first territorial governor of Idaho. He told of his friendship with Lincoln since the 1840s and recounted how Lincoln, by word and deed was a friend to everyone in Idaho Territory. A display of Lincoln and Idaho memorabilia set the tone before the presentation, and added greatly to the store of knowledge gained by attendees.

Idaho Day 2019 is history -

On March 4th, 2019, we presented "Downtown Memories" of Idaho Falls [Click here to see Flyer!] as an example of the 2019 Idaho Day State theme: "My Town, Idaho". Downtown Idaho Falls was chosen as "Our Town" because it has, for decades, been the place for many people in smaller towns "to go to town" for shopping and entertainment. The growth, decline, and revival of Idaho Falls downtown district were reviewed in stories and pictures. Watch the 20-minute video we presented that night:

"Downtown Memories"

Are You Feeling Social?

by Jessica Donnelly

If you're like most people these days, you're probably confused by all the social media options out there! Who can keep track? And do we really need to know what our friends and family ate for breakfast? The answer might surprise you when you consider they are a fun and social way to preserve memories.

Social media is a powerful tool because of the ease it keeps us in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues. Distance becomes less of a problem when your loved ones are a click away! Social media is also interesting for another, less obvious reason. It also is a way to preserve our own personal histories. Part of the fun is looking back and preserving all those precious moments we may have otherwise forgotten. It is a photo of a happy summer day or a particularly good book you enjoyed. It's even that special dish we successfully cooked and were proud about. It's our daily lives that we share with social media and those are our stories. You can look back and enjoy these snapshots of your life because they are the moments big and small.

If you are new to social media, there are many options to choose from. Facebook allows you to have a profile and post updates and photos to friends and families. It also allows you to follow pages of businesses and organizations you are interested in. (Be sure to check out BCHA on Facebook if you decide to join us!) Instagram, a photosharing social media platform, allows you to keep a record of all your moments in visual form. It's these new digital technologies that we often think are perhaps frivolous, but can be powerful in preserving our own life stories.

Bonneville County Heritage Association's mission is to preserve our heritage and collect memories of the lovely place we call home. As digital technologies continue to become a part of daily life, we are so excited to embrace new methods of historical preservation. As we, and our members, work to preserve the important legacy of Bonneville County, we also look forward to sharing those precious moments and personal histories of our community.

Be sure to visit us on Facebook for events, Idaho trivia, and share your own personal Bonneville treasures!

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